Shark stolen by thieves from aquarium in a baby stroller

The trio wrapped a horn shark in a wet blanket, put it in a bucket, and placed the bucket in a baby stroller.


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LEON VALLEY, TEXAS — Leon Valley police say three people took stole a horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium Saturday afternoon.

The shark has since been safely returned to the aquarium.

According to the aquarium's Facebook page, the heist began with the trio stealing a female 16-inch-long horn shark named Helen from a open pool with their own net.

The aquarium said the group later entered a filter room where they poured a bucket of bleach solution into the cold water exhibit filtration system.

They then wrapped the shark in a wet blanket, put it in a bucket, and placed the bucket in a baby stroller.

According to the surveillance footage provided by the aquarium, the trio was seen pushing the stroller away when an employee who walked past noticed something wasn't right.

KSAT said the aquarium general manager rushed out to try to stop them, but one of the group refused, said his son was sick and drove away quickly, leaving his partners in crime behind.

When police entered one of the suspects' residences, they were surprised to see that the culprit had an aquarium in his home. Luckily, the horn shark is still in good shape.

Police arrested the suspect immediately, and the shark was returned to the San Antonio Aquarium.

The arrested suspect was later identified as Anthony Shannon, 38, he was released from police custody after posting a $10,000 bail Tuesday afternoon.

Police told KSAT that Shannon had some knowledge on how to handle marine life, and had a shark similar to the horn shark he stole. After the one he owned died he wanted to keep the stolen one as a pet to go with the other sea creatures in his fish tanks.

KSAT said more arrests are expected in the case and police are working with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration to see if federal charges can be filed.
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