Shark pulls woman into waters filled with crocodiles

A woman tried to hand feed a shark — the key word being "tried."


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

AUSTRALIA — Melissa Brunning was excited to be on her friend's superyacht in a remote part of Australia...little did she know she was in for a treat.

Apparently sharks and crocodiles were surrounding the yacht when Brunning and her friends decided to feed the sharks.

Her friends went first, throwing tiny fish for the sharks to snack on.

When it came to be Brunning's turn, the Tawny nurse shark sucked her right index finger into its mouth 'like a Hoover' vacuum.

Luckily her friend was quick to yank her back out of the water, leaving her with only an injured index finger.

Brunning blamed the incident on her hair color.
Perth Now reports Brunning said she has learned her lesson to leave the wildlife alone.
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