Shanghai police now using WeChat to handle car accidents

Police say they are going online amid the Wuhan virus outbreak.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — Shanghai traffic police announced last Friday that they will now be using WeChat to handle car accidents.
According to the Shanghai Daily, let's say you are lucky enough to be able to drive at a time like this and you happen to get into a little fender bender.
The cop in charge of the accident will set up a WeChat group with everyone that was involved and their insurance agents.
Traffic authorities say evidence collection, exchanging of information and compensation will all be carried out in the chat group.
If the police have any questions, the head officer will get in touch with relevant parties via video call on WeChat. If you don't have WeChat, you get sent to a camp—that's not true. When WeChat isn't available, the police officer will make recorded calls.
Police will then take a picture of any court decision and send it over in case anyone wants to appeal.
Chinese authorities say the reason for going online is to try to discourage citizens from face-to-face gatherings. That should be pretty easy for a city of 24 million people.
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