Shanghai lady breaks quarantine, nabbed for boozy behavior

A lady in Shanghai got in a boatload of trouble after breaking self-isolation.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — A woman in Shanghai got herself in a whole lot of trouble after not only breaking quarantine, but also getting into a boozy fight with some security guards.

According to a Miaopai video, the lady had been under self-isolation in her Shanghai apartment, and sneaked out one night for a drink...or seven.

She came back totally sloshed and sans face mask, and began to get into a skirmish with the neighborhood guards over getting her temperature checked. In footage of the incident, the lady is seen being loud and aggressive, and ends up pushing one of the guards, who was REALLY not happy with her.

Cops were called to the scene, and the unruly woman was arrested and hauled off.

The best part is that once she got her bearings back, she realized she'd been trying to get into the wrong 'hood.

Shoulda stayed home, lady.
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