Shadow Inc. CEO apologizes for Iowa caucus tech woes

The head of the tech company whose app caused major fails at the 2020 Iowa caucus has apologized for what it says was a glitch in the system.


NSFW    IOWA — The 2020 Iowa Caucus was supposed to start off this year's presidential election cycle with a bang. Instead, it got royally screwed over by an app.

Shadow Inc. CEO Gerard Niemira, whose tech company made the app, has come out to apologize for the embarrassing snafu, saying "we feel terrible" about it.

Niemira told Bloomberg that the app, which cost the Iowa Democratic Party 63 Gs to develop, was meant to help compile results quickly from the state's 1,765 precincts.

He claims all the data and calculations done by the app were legit, but there was a glitch in the transmission process.

Apparently, there was a bug in the code that transports results data to the party's main database, and that made all the catastrophic impact.

Theoretically, someone should've caught the glitch in the code during testing, but it was a rush job – put together in just two months, and according to the New York Times, not adequately tested.

Still, that's a pretty big gaffe, and it's already costing the company. CNN reports that on Tuesday, the Nevada Democratic Party said it won't be using the same app or vendor used in the Iowa caucus.
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