Sewer hole explodes in man's face after lit cigarette thrown in

Surveillance video from Iran shows a man casually tossing his cigarette butt down a hole in the sidewalk, only to receive a face full of exploding concrete in return.


NSFW    TEHRAN, IRAN — The explosive moment when a man threw a cigarette into a sewer, only for it to blow up in his face has been captured on surveillance video.

The footage was filmed in March and was posted to Twitter on Monday by user @xerxesss. It begins with a well-dressed gentleman, standing over a hole in the sidewalk.

The man empties a bag of what appears to be rubble onto the sidewalk then starts kicking the rubble down the hole.

Around 15 minutes later, our friend the smoker comes along. He casually tosses his cigarette butt down the hole in the sidewalk and — KA-BOOM! — gets a face full of concrete in return.

Amazingly, when the dust clears, the man manages to crawl away from the scene, somehow with his life still intact.

We’ll bet the guy doesn’t throw any cigarette butts down any holes ever again. In fact, maybe now might be a good time for him to give up smoking?
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