Seven-year-old delivery boy sparks debate in China

Many online commenters pointed out flaws in the country's social security system and how the government fails to address the issue of child poverty.


NSFW    QINGDAO, CHINA — A video showing a 7-year-old boy making deliveries in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao has gone viral.

The image has added fuel to the ongoing debate about child poverty in China. Published on Chinese video site Pear Video, Li Changjiang[c], nicknamed Little Li, delivers packages to people on his little delivery cart. In an interview Pear Video, Little Li says that he delivers up to 30 packages a day.

According to multiple reports in China, since the age of 3, Little Li was raised by his father's former colleague, Yan Shifang[d]. Little Li's father is believed to be dead due to abuse of alcohol, and his mother remarried and lost touch with him.

After picking up several odd jobs, Yan started working a delivery man and began bringing Little Li with him going around the city. Surprisingly, Little Li enjoyed the delivery job and soon wanted to have his own little delivery cart.

Ever since the video was posted online on January 14, Little Li's story has been one of the most discussed topics on China's social media site Weibo, with most commenters expressing sympathy and hopes for a better life for Little Li.

The BBC reports Little Li is now staying with a welfare centre for children and will be enrolled in a school soon.

Little Li is not the only child who become online famous because of his story. A picture of a 7-year-old child, nicknamed 'Ice Boy', went viral for the image of him covered in ice after walking 2.8 miles to school.
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