SETI will scour the sky for alien signatures with 27 giant scopes

The Very Large Array and SETI will look for intelligent alien life in an unprecedented public-private initiative.


NSFW    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA— The SETI Institute says that National Radio Astronomy Observatory will turn the Very Large Array's 27 telescopes to scan for signs of alien life in 75 percent of the night sky, in a Feb. 14 news release announcing the collaboration.

According to the institute, the VLA's 25 meter radio telescopes are the most productive in the world. While scientists utilize scopes to study black holes and the formation of the universe, the project will be the first time the VLA is used to look for technosignatures."

SETI's contribution will be building and installing a system dubbed COSMIC SETI that establish Ethernet links for VLA telescopes. This system will allow the instruments to scan for alien signatures at all hours of the day.

According to the NRAO, COSMIC SETI will allow parallel data processing with VLA's other analytical systems in real time, enhance analytical efficiency and detecting fast radio bursts.
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