Serial 'dine-and-dash' dater now could be going to jail

More than eight women have accused Paul Gonzales of taking financial advantage of them after he left them at their date to foot the bill.


NSFW    USA — At least eight women have come forward to accuse a man of eating and drinking during their separate date and leaving without paying, forcing the women to foot the bill, reports The Washington Post.

Apparently, Paul Gonzales would meet these women on dating apps and invite them for dinner.

One of the women told the Washington Post, Gonzales then proceeded to order lavish meals such as four lobsters and expensive wine as well as souffle.

And just before he was done eating he make an excuse and said he needed to make a phone call.

The woman said she waited for a while until she decided to ask the waiter if he saw her date. The waiter said he left.

According to BBC News, Gonzales defrauded the women of more than $950 and could face up to 13 years in prison.

Gonzales has been charged extortion and grand theft, though he has pleaded not guilty.

One of the women said she was "ecstatic" and said she "hopes he gets what he deserved."
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