Selfies make your nose look 30% wider

New research reveals that taking a selfie from a distance of 12 inches or less makes your nose look bigger by up to a third.


NSFW    NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — If you think your nose looks humongous in that selfie, you're probably right. But going under the knife isn't going to fix it.

CNN reports that 55% of plastic surgeons in a 2017 poll reportedly had patients who wanted surgery to look better in selfies, which have been known to distort people's features.

Using mathematical modelling, a Rutgers University study found that selfies taken from the standard portrait distance of 5 feet produced no distortion on the subject's nose.

But those taken from just 12 inches away made the nose appear 30% wider in men, and 29% in women.

This is due to perspective. With a camera close to the subject, the nose looks larger as it's nearer to it than the rest of the face. But further away, the facial features are at a similar distance from the camera, and appear flat and proportionate.

The good news is that there's a simple fix. Just get a selfie stick that can snap your photo from five feet away, or have someone else take it.

Bottom line, there's easier and cheaper ways to look good in a selfie than getting a nose job.
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