Security guard slashed to death by attackers


NSFW    A 19-year-old security guard was killed after he was slashed in the head by a group of men early Sunday morning.
The guard was on duty at his neighborhood post talking with a 32-year-old friend around 4:30am.
A group of masked men then pulled up in a black Perodua Myvi and alighted armed with parang machetes.
The men then proceeded to attack the guard and his friend.
The guard ran across the street where he was repeatedly slashed in the head and body. He died at the scene.
The friend ran into the housing estate, but fell and was slashed in the head and neck by one of the assailants.
After the attack the assailants fled the scene.
The friend was taken to the intensive care unit. Authorities are trying to establish a motive for the attack.
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