Second shooter JFK assassination conspiracy resurrected by new documentary


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John F. Kennedy was killed not by the bullet of Lee Harvey Oswald, but instead by the "friendly fire" of a clumsy Secret Service agent, according to a new documentary to be aired on the Reelz Channel to mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK's assassination.

'JFK: The Smoking Gun' hopes to revitalize America's long dormant obsession with conspiracies surrounding the death of one of its most iconic leaders.

Its authors claim that JFK was killed, not by the bullet of Lee Harvey Oswald, but that the fatal bullet instead came from the Secret Service-issued AR-15 of a clumsy government agent."

Riding behind Kennedy's car in the motorcade on that fateful November day, inexperienced agent George Hickey, allegedly stumbled as he attempted to respond to Lee Harvey Oswald's first shot.

This instance of "friendly fire" allegedly inflicted the mortal wound that shattered a portion of the president's skull.

The documentary, which is set to premiere on November 3rd, is largely based on the Bonar Menninger's 1992 book 'Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK'.
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