Secluded paradise? Two women kidnapped from Malaysian diving resort in the middle of the ocean

Malaysian resort in middle of nowhere: two women kidnapped


NSFW    A group of gunmen kidnapped a Chinese woman and a Philippine hotel staff member at a diving resort in eastern Malaysia late on Wednesday, according to a South China Morning Post report.

Six gunmen reportedly burst into the Singamata Reef Resort at around 10:30 p.m. Gao Huayun, a 29-year-old Chinese-national visiting from Shanghai was taken from her room while her roommate was showering. The armed men also kidnapped 40-year-old hotel worker, identified as Marcy Dayawan. The men took the two captives and escaped from the resort on a pump boat within minutes.

Following the kidnap, hotel workers gathered some 60 guests, mostly from mainland China, to the lobby where they huddled behind overturned tables until the police arrived. Policemen were stationed at the resort following the raid.

Last November, suspect Abu Sayyaf militants killed a Taiwanese man and kidnapped his wife from another Malaysian resort last November. The woman was released by her captors in the Philippines after a month in captivity.

The Chinese consulate has since issued a warning on its website, asking travelers to take precautions when in the area.
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