Search for survivors from South Korean ferry; close to 300 still missing

A massive rescue operation is continuing in waters off the southwest coast of Korea after the ferry Sewol ran aground, capsized and sank Wednesday morning. Seven are confirmed dead, but some 290 are still missing.


NSFW    Seven people are now confirmed dead after the sinking of the passenger ferry Sewol in South Korea on Wednesday, but that number looks set to rise dramatically as some 290 people remain missing.

South Korean rescuers worked through the night at the site where the 6,000-ton ferry sank Wednesday morning.

The ship remains upside down in around 30 metres of water. Estimates suggest close to 300 people may still be trapped inside.

Authorities say they are hoping to find survivors in air pockets that may exist inside the ship.

The ferry has dining areas, shops and entertainment facilities below deck, and divers are searching these and other areas for bodies and possible survivors.

Korean media have reported that a plan to inject oxygen into the capsized ship is being considered in a bid to supply air to those who may be trapped in air pockets.

The area where the ferry sank is known for fast currents and murky waters with temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius at this time of year, compounding the rescue effort.

Experts say hypothermia can set in within two hours in 12 degree water. It is now more than 24 hours since the ship sank.
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