Seals forced to dive off cliffs after teens throw rocks at them

While the abuse is happening, one teen was seen filming the whole thing on her phone, probably hoping it would capture some social media attention.


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NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND — A group of teens in England's northeast were caught on camera throwing rocks at seals.

Posted by St. Mary's Seal Watch, three teens moved a warning sign on St. Mary's Island Nature Reserve near Newcastle before approaching a seal, then began throwing rocks at the poor animal.

The seal got so scared that it dived off a cliff to escape into the water. Once it got away, the group began to throw more rocks at other animals.

One teen filmed the whole thing on her phone, and St. Mary's Seal Watch shared the video on their Facebook page, saying it happened at about 9 p.m. on June 9. The group stressed that this was not to shame anyone in the video but to highlight the problems the wildlife faces on the reserve.

The Seal Watch group went on to explain that, without protection, St. Mary's Island Nature Reserve is not safe for the wildlife.

St. Mary's Seal Watch also urged visitors to report anyone they see ignoring signs or causing similar harassment of wildlife.
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