Seagulls caught photobombing London traffic camera

A pair of seagulls rose to viral fame thanks to their hilarious antics in front of a London traffic camera.


NSFW    LONDON — Two seagulls are now internet famous after photobombing and livening up an otherwise dull view of London traffic.

According to Metro, the sassy fowls have been repeatedly filmed popping up in front of the camera near East London's Blackwall Tunnel.

Transport for London or TFL posted the first gull sighting on the their Traffic News Twitter account on Monday. The photo shows a single seagull staring the camera down like a boss.

A day later, another bird sighting prompted a second post from TFL. But it wasn't until the third post that feathers were truly ruffled, with a video showing the seagull appear to be talking to the camera - no doubt making commentary on the road.

He's even joined by a gull pal later on, and the two hilariously play it up in front of the camera.

The pair's antics amused Twitter to no end, and spawned a whole lotta funny comments and reactions.

TFL has since nicknamed its new traffic correspondents Graeme and Steve, and thanked them for "helping out at beak times."

After all, who better to give a bird's eye view of a situation than an actual bird.
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