Sea creatures fall from the sky during powerful storm in China

A powerful storm in China resulted in sea creatures falling from the sky.


NSFW    QINGDAO, CHINA — Sea creatures that were seen falling from the sky in Qingdao, a coastal city in China, on June 13.

This was the result of having been picked up by a powerful storm, reports The Sun.

Chinese local media reports the weather was erratic during those few days, resulting in powerful Hurricane-force winds that sucked up sea creatures and "spat them out" before hitting land.

The powerful storm was reported to have caused widespread destruction throughout the city.

Apparently, waterspouts were caused by the storm in the Yellow Sea, which resulted in sea creatures such as shrimp, octopus, starfish and mollusks being cast into the sky.

Locals were reportedly "stunned" upon seeing the marine creatures falling from the heavens.

The phrase "seafood rain" trended on Chinese social media as locals shared their pictures of the event online.

The Mirror reports the city's meteorological service said wind speeds generated from the storm set an "new all-time record" for June, reports The Mirror.
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