Scientists warn forest fires may work to reverse climate policies

Carbon being released by the forest fires may seriously undo climate change policies.


NSFW    CALIFORNIA — As California battles the some of the largest wildfires in the state's history, scientists say just putting out the flames may not be enough.

The amount of carbon being spewed out into the atmosphere may completely undo what climate policies have helped to prevent over the years, reports CAL Matters.

The scientists involved in the study say when wildfires burn, only 15 percent of the carbon is released at the time.

However, the remainder of the carbon continues to be released as the trees decay over the years and decades.

According to the scientists, the carbon that continues to be released would contain more harmful compounds than the original forest fire.

The study also warns that future fires that take place over previously burned land would make things even worse.

In the wake of these natural disasters, we may be forced to find new solutions or face even greater disasters in the future, reports The Guardian.
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