Scientists have invented electronic skin that can heal itself

Sounds like the Merc-with-a-mouth right? Well, not quite.


NSFW    BOULDER, COLORADO — Scientists have developed electronic skin that can heal itself and be recycled to be made anew.

The electronic skin is made up of a polymer material named polymine and silver nanoparticles. The device can heal itself through a combination of heat and compounds found in ethanol, according to a University of Colorado news release.

Healing agent is added to the electronic skin and it is then warmed on a heat press. This process sees the broken area heal itself with full sensory and mechanical ability, according to the researchers writing in Science Advances.

When added to an ethanol solution, the device can be broken down and recycled to make more electronic skin. One of the researchers told Newsweek that, in the future, this recyclability concept could also be applied to other devices like smartphones and laptops.

The electronic skin has sensors for airflow, temperature, humidity and pressure. According to Newsweek, if the device was used on a robotic or prosthetic hand, it could use these sensors to handle objects.
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