Scientists are making a black hole based quantum teleporter

The system will test a theory about quantum entangled black holes that could change our understanding of black hole physics.


NSFW    PASADENA, CALIFORNIA — Scientists have proposed to build a functional wormhole tunnel by simulating quantum entangled black holes in a lab. Quanta Magazine reports the linked black holes are theoretically able to teleport quantum information via the tunnel.

Black holes were thought to totally obliterate the objects they consume. However, the experiment will test a new idea in physics that evaporating black holes actually send information about subsumed objects back to the universe via Hawking radiation.

Citing California Institute of Technology physicist Sepehr Nezami, the outlet reports the research team believes a black hole could be forced to disgorge intact information after it is entangled with another black hole on a quantum level.

Stanford University's Adam Brown is cited as saying quantum circuitry could make a functional analog for entangled black holes. If the theory is correct, this circuitry would be able to instantly transmit and decrypt qubits, also known as quantum teleportation.
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