Science confirms people have Pokemon on the brain

There's a good chance your brain could've been rewired if you played Pokemon as a kid


NSFW    STANFORD, CALIFORNIA — There is a region of the brain that tends to retain animated characters such as Pokemon rather than other visual information, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

The researchers conducted their study on a group of adults who had extensive experience playing with Pokemon on Gameboy devices as kids.

The eleven adults were considered "experienced" as they had began playing Pokemon between the ages of five and eight and were able to name all 150 characters.

According to a Stanford University press release, the participants went through an MRI scanner and were shown images of Pokemon characters while the researchers observed how their brains responded.

Researchers found that the participants' visual cortex, located at the bottom of the temporal lobe, was stimulated by looking at the different animated characters, according to a Penn Today news release.

The images stimulated the same areas of the brain in all study participants.

Michael Barnett, a researcher involved with the study, explained that the brain is capable of developing a specialized area for recognizing stimuli such as Pokemon due to continued exposure to the animated characters.
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