School bus driver fired for letting young kids drive the bus

A school bus driver in Indiana was caught on camera letting the children take turns to drive the bus on their way home.


NSFW    VALPARAISO,INDIANA — A bus driver in Indiana was caught on camera letting young students drive her bus during her afternoon route, according to a report from NBC News.

Apparently 27-year-old Joandrea McAtee would allow her young students to take turns driving her bus for short distances after the school day ended.

The three students, ages 11, 13 and 17 each took turns steering the wheel. McAtee is seen helping them steer the wheel too.

Well, someone was smart enough to record the incident which is a parent came forward to report it.

McAtee was immediately fired from her job as a school bus driver and taken into custody.

McAtee was charged with neglect of a dependent, a level six felony, reports The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Who ever thought letting kids drive a school bus would be a good idea?
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