Say hello to San Francisco's sexiest cop: Chris Kohrs AKA the ‘Hot Cop of Castro'

San Francisco’s Castro District now has a new shining beacon of sexiness and studliness in the form of Chris Kohrs, the ‘Hot Cop of Castro’.


NSFW    Good Cop

San Francisco’s Castro District, where Harvey Milk once fought for gay rights and where gay men used to be regularly harassed by the city’s police force, now has a new shining beacon of sexiness and studliness.

San Francisco Police Department officer Chris Kohrs was first spotted guarding a construction site by novelist Mark Abramson and agreed to be photographed.

The 36-year-old reportedly thought Abramson was just another civilian showing their support for the fine work done by the SFPD and didn’t think too much of it.

After Abramson posted the image to Facebook, however, it spread like wildfire across the internets and prompted superfan Nathan Tatterson to create a Facebook Page to better worship the six-year veteran of the force.

The dashing officer has, unsurprisingly, reportedly performed a number heroic deeds, including subduing a robbery suspect with his bare hands, and tackling a thief who had stolen a young woman’s cell phone to the ground.

The modest cop is fast becoming a rising tourist attraction for members of LGBT community, who actually flocked to the Castro, hoping to have a glimpse of this charming and muscular officer.
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