SaveOneLife: mine detector inside a shoe


NSFW    Bogota-based Lemur Studio Design has developed SaveOneLife, a wearable mine detector that fits in a shoe and warns the wearer of potentially deadly landmines nearby him.

According to the International Campaign to ban Landmines, landmines are a major problem in Colombia. The country ranks second after Afghanistan as the most mined place in the world, with over 10,000 casualties since 1990, including about 2,000 killed.

According to reports, anti-government rebel groups in Colombia have a major responsibility for the presence of landmines in the country. According to the United Nations, landmines have been planted in 31 of Colombia's 32 provinces with up to 100,000 estimated to have been deployed throughout the entire country, mostly by FARC rebels.

Drug gangs also use mines to protect their cocoa farms from intruders, making the problem worse.

In addition to the indiscriminate use of mines, the mountainous jungle terrain in the country makes it very hard to carry out detecting and clearing operations.

According to the designer Iván Pérez under project leader Lorena Cárdenas, SaveOneLife isn't the solution to the problem, but more of a stopgap technology to reduce the danger from mines, Gizmag reported.

The product works on the principle of a metal detector. The insole is made of a conductive material and has a planar coil, a microprocessor and a radio transmitter printed on it.

The planar coil produces an electromagnetic field. When the wearer walks within two meters (6.5 ft) of a mine containing metal parts, this disrupts the field and is detected by a microprocessor and a radio transmitter.

The transmitter sends a signal to a wristwatch-like readout, which sounds an alarm and displays the location of the mine on a small screen.

According to reports, due to economic reasons, the wearable mine detector is currently at a conceptual stage.
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