Savage beating of 6th grader by three teens on Florida school bus


NSFW    School bus fight in Florida … again: Footage has surfaced of a savage beating delivered to a 6th grader by three older boys on a Florida school bus on July 9. The actions - or lack thereof - of the bus driver have earned him much criticism. But is it justified?

Gulfport, Florida school bus footage shows the 13-year-old sitting alone with his head down just before the attack begins. Suddenly, one kid lashes out and two others join in.

The punches and kicks keep coming as the boy falls between the seats. The driver, 64-year-old John Moody, stops the bus and calls for help.

He then gets up momentarily before talking to dispatch again to confirm the address. At one moment he shouts at the attackers to leave the boy alone.

With two black eyes and a fractured hand, the boy scampered off the bus with no help from Moody. Moody explained his response in an interview and expressed regret at not helping more.

Three 15-year-olds, Julian McKnight, Khemradj Lloyd and Joshua Reddin, have been charged with aggravated battery. Prosecutors say they will not charge Moody, as he was not legally obliged to step in, and he fulfilled his duty of care by contacting the dispatcher at the first sign of trouble.
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