Saudi plane hangs a uey after mom forgets baby at airport

The flight was on its way to Malaysia when the mom realized she forgot something.


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THE FORGETFUL SKIES — A flight on the way to Malaysia had to hang a uey back to Saudi Arabia after a mom realized she Home Aloned her kid at the airport.
According to Gulf News, Flight SV832 was on its merry way to Kuala Lumpur when the pilot put in a request to head back to the airport in Jeddah when the rockstar mom told cabin crew she forgot her child.
Apparently, the mother, in the process of getting from the boarding area at the terminal of the King Abdulaziz International Airport to the aircraft forgot one little thing—her baby.
In a video posted to YouTube, the pilot is heard asking an air traffic controller, "May God be with us. Can we come back?"
The guy in tower is then heard asking other colleagues what the proper protocol is for baby chilling at terminal with no mama.
"The flight is requesting to come back," he tells someone else. "A passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing."
Seriously—and to think, it's only just beginning for this kid.
After a brief pause, the plane is given permission to return to the gate with the air traffic controller adding, "this is totally a new one for us."
Upon returning to the gate, it's unclear if the mother remembered what they had turned around for.
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