Satellite images show North Korea rebuilding nuclear missile site

Key sites have been partially rebuilt at North Korea's Tongchang-ri satellite launch facility.


NSFW    NORTH KOREA — Beyond Parallel and 38 North, websites that monitor North Korea, have noticed activity at the country's Tongchang-ri[g][h][i] satellite launch facility.

Also known as the Sohae[j][k] launch facility, Beyond Parallel released images of the site being partly constructed. The photos are said to show partially built structures, including a vertical engine test stand and rail-mounted rocket transfer.

The vertical engine test stand was partly dismantled in August 2018, according to Beyond Parallel. The outlet referred to the ongoing activity at the missile base as "deliberate and purposeful."

However, 38 North founder Joel Wit, said on Twitter that movement at the missile testing site provides "no evidence" that North Korea is preparing to launch another ICBM.

The news follows the recent Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam where both sides didn't come to an accord on denuclearization, CNN reports. CNN quotes Trump as saying he would be "very disappointed" if Kim Jong Un has restarted North Korea's missile program.
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