Satellite images show North Korea expanding missile bases

It's gonna take a lot more to get rocket man to end his nuclear plans.


NSFW    NORTH KOREA — New images reveal North Korea has been expanding a key missile base, despite pledging toward denuclearization during the historic summit with Trump last June.

CNN reports that the Hermit Kingdom's recent lack of ballistic missile testing has been touted as a sign of progress by the Trump administration, but this new evidence suggests Washington and Pyongyang may not be on the same page.

Satellite images obtained by CNN from the Middelbury Institute of International Studies at Monterey reveal that North Korea has continued to upgrade the Yeongjeo-dong missile base in the mountainous north and built up another facility seven miles away that hadn't been previously publicly identified.

The images indicate that the large underground facility was being built in 2017, and remained under construction as of August 2018.

Experts believe the site's unique location makes it a strong candidate to house the country's newest long-range missiles, including those capable of holding a nuclear warhead and striking the U.S.

A Middlebury researcher told NPR that hardened drive-thru shelters are being constructed for the vehicles that would carry the missiles. Tunnel entrances are also being built.

In the event of an attack, mobile missile launchers can be fueled and armed in the underground facility, and then driven to predetermined sites to fire missiles at the enemy.
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