San Antonio standoff in motel ends, one policeman injured


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A standoff in a San Antonio motel resulting in the shooting of one police officer has ended peacefully after the suspected shooter surrendered.

Police initially responded to reports of a domestic disturbance at a Super 8 motel Monday morning when a male suspect fired his gun at them, police told the local media.

The woman in the motel with the man was able to escape, but an officer was shot in the head when the man shot through the door. The standoff then continued through the afternoon when SWAT negotiators arrived at the scene. During that time, local schools and public facilities were locked down.

At about 5pm, the 38-year-old suspect laid down his weapon and surrendered to police peacefully.

Police said that the officer was in intensive care, but in stable condition following the shooting.

Identified as 38-year-old Melvin McKinney, the suspect apparently took to Facebook, commenting throughout the standoff.

“THIS [EXPLETIVE] IS KRAZY” around 1 p.m. He later posted, “I LOVE ALL Y'ALL BUT THIS IS SOMETHING I HAVE TO DO … #LOSTWITHNORETURN,” his Facebook page reportedly stated just before his surrender.
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