San Antonio cops fired for having sex with each other on duty

Two San Antonio cops manipulated GPS trackers on their police cruisers and engaged in sexual acts while on duty on several occasions dating back to October 2015.


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SAN ANTONIO — A couple of San Antonio Police Department officers were fired last year after an investigation into a steamy internal affair that included on-duty hookups.

The incidents in question date back to October 2015, when Officer Eman Fondren and Officer Rebecca Martinez met in the parking lot of a Home Depot, ABC affiliate KSAT 12 reported.

There, the pair manipulated the GPS devices on their police cruisers, and then rendezvoused a few blocks away for some fun. A few days later, the two disengaged their GPS trackers again, and went to a friend’s house to have sex. During that encounter, Martinez was called in for a “disturbance with a knife” call, but failed to respond for 20 minutes.

The couple was found out after Martinez got into an off-duty fight with Fondren’s then-wife back in October 2015. The woman soon discovered 160 pages of NSFW text messages between the two adulterers, and shared them with the SAPD.

The officers were suspended indefinitely in April last year, and records of their naughty exchanges were retrieved by media outlets this past December. The two deny any wrongdoing, and claim the texts were mere fantasy-talk.
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