Samsung Galaxy Fold finally relaunches across the U.S.

Samsung has its fingers folded this won't turn out to be another massive flop.


NSFW    'MURICA — The wait is finally over as Samsung's Galaxy Flop officially relaunches across the U.S. of A. after its horrible crash and burn of a release back in April earlier this year.

For those of you that forgot, Samsung was forced to shelve the Galaxy Fold almost immediately after it dropped because it couldn't really fold.
But now for the ultra-affordable price of only $2,000, the all not-so-new Galaxy Flop and its 7.3-inch interior screen can be yours.
The new Flop now has a strengthened hinge area, so you can flop it whenever you want, as long as it's not too hard.

Samsung also extended the top protective layer to make it more obvious that you're not supposed to rip it off.
The Flop also comes with quite an extensive list of things you can't or shouldn't do with the phone.
Keep sharp things like fingernails away from the flexible screen. Avoid putting it in your pocket with things you put in your pockets like keys and coins.
Keep the Flop away from your plastic because the magnets in the phone could wipe your credit cards clean.
But fear not, Samsung is almost positive you're going to have serious issues with the Flop, so that's why it also dedicated a 24-hour call center just for Flop users.

Having the option to be put on hold at anytime of the day is definitely great customer service.
So if you absolutely have nothing better to do with two grand, then flop on over to select locations of Best Buy, AT&T stores and Samsung Experience stores to get your floppable Samsung Flop today.
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