Sad dog just can't stop crying, breaks internet's heart

Video of an abandoned pit bull-labrador mix named AJ crying is going viral.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

CARSON, CALIFORNIA — An abandoned dog who broke the internet’s heart when he cried like a baby has been spared the euthanization needle.

Video of a teary-eyed AJ the pit bull-labrador mix was uploaded to social media in February, but has only recently started going viral.

It has now clocked up more than half a million views on the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page, a community of concerned canine-lovers based in California.

Six-year-old AJ was left at the shelter along with his brother Toby, when their owners couldn’t afford to take care of them any more.

AJ’s tears were wiped away just days later though, when he was adopted by a loving new family. Even better, the family also decided to adopt Toby too.

A follow-up video shows a happier-looking AJ leaving the shelter and looking forward to spending time with his bro’ once again. Awwww … Don’t you just love happy endings?
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