Rustlers stuff four cows in a modified proton wira


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

Two cow rustlers abandoned a car complete with four cattle inside in Kulim, Malaysia on Monday morning, after the vehicle broke down during a chase.

The cows were stolen from a farm in Sungai Lembu, Bukit Mertajam. The vehicle’s backseat had been removed to make extra room for the livestock.

The owner discovered the theft and filed a report at the Lunas police station at 5am.

The rustlers took the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway to make their escape, but they came across people helping the owner look for the stolen cattle after passing the Lunas Toll Plaza.

The thieves tried to speed up their vehicle, but it broke down after a short distance, forcing them to abandon the car and the cattle. The animals were retrieved 15 kilometres away from the cattle farm at 7am.

The police are now looking for the thiefs.
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