Russian tourists beat up bear at Polish national park


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

Two Russian tourists vacationing in Poland’s Zakopane took part in a grizzly attack on a bear at a national park in the Tatra mountains after mistaking him for a park employee.

The two Russians had sneaked into the park without paying the entrance ticket.

Once inside, they were approached by a bear.

After mistaking the wild animal for a park employee in a bear costume demanding the entrance fee, one of the men proceeded to attack the bear.

They later told the Tatra Park management they wanted to “punch him just once so he would keep quiet.”

But Yogi struck back and then the fur really began to fly.

Other tourists later found the Russians covered in blood and the bear on the ground unconscious.

The bear named Samson received nine stitches to the head and was taken to Krakow’s Zoo for treatment.

The men were sentenced and ordered to pay for the bear’s treatment.

It is not known whether the men had been drinking.
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