Russian officials discover 'mystery leak' in ISS

A mystery hole was discovered in the International Space Station after pressure levels in the cabin started to dip.


NSFW    INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION — Russian officials have discovered a tiny leak at the International Space Station and believe it may have been caused by a human.

The hole was discovered after Russian ground operators registered a dip in pressure levels in the space station, reports NPR.

This led the crew to discover a hole, about two millimeters in diameter, on the inner wall of a Russian spacecraft attached to the International Space Station."

The crew was then immediately instructed by ground operators to seal the hole with tape. They later used an epoxy-based sealant. This temporarily stopped oxygen from leaking from the cabin.

No one onboard was in danger as a result of the leak.

Originally the authorities suspected the hole could have been caused by a meteorite.

However, they ruled out the possibility after traces of a drill sliding was discovered along the surface.

According to the Russian News Agency, the Russian officials involved said they will find the person responsible for the accident and find out if it was on purpose or by accident.
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