Runaway train travels 57 miles with no driver before derailment

The freight train was traveling at speeds of 45 mph before being derailed by the Perth control center.


NSFW    AUSTRALIA — A train carrying a bunch of iron ore in Australia took off without its driver, and then ran away for 57 miles before being derailed.

The driver had gotten off the locomotive to check something out when the train decided it was leaving — without him, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

The BHP freight train then took off at 45 mph down the track with no one on board for about 50 minutes.

According to the BBC, the train was originally scheduled to go from Newman mine to Port Hedland, but unfortunately had to be deliberately derailed at around 5:30 a.m. local time.

The train was derailed by a remote control center in Perth.

About a mile of railroad track was completely destroyed because of the derailment.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said they have begun an investigation to find out what caused the train to take off on its own.
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