Runaway pig gives London cops the runaround

Dashcam footage uploaded to Twitter by London traffic police shows an escaped pig on the loose with the boys in blue in hot pursuit.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

LONDON — Dashcam footage of an escaped pig on the loose with police in hot pursuit was uploaded to Twitter by London traffic cops last week.

A have-a-go hero tried to stop the animal in his tracks but the pig proved to be an elusive little swine.

The hog shut down traffic for a short while, but the pork was eventually pulled and returned to its owner, according to police.

It’s like a remake of the movie Babe over in England right now, with runaway pigs cast as the protagonists in some truly crackling stories.

Last week, another pig stopped traffic in both directions on the M62 freeway in Yorkshire. Local newspaper the Yorkshire Post even covered the dramatic events in a live blog.

However, there was no twist in the tale and the pig was eventually hog-tied by the cops and sent home.
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