Rotten durian causes massive school evacuation

Gas attack? No, rotten durian.


NSFW    MELBOURNE — More than 500 students and professors were evacuated from a Melbourne college over a suspected gas leak.

The putrid panic was started when students and staff in a library building reported smelling gas. They were then evacuated by the local police force.

After an extensive search of the building for the gas leak, firefighters discovered the stank was actually coming from a rotten durian left in a cupboard.
According to the BBC, firefighters said the fantastic aroma spread through the building via the A/C.
For those unfamiliar with the tropical fruit, the smell can be bit pungent. And it does smell a bit like gas —- but farty gas though.

According to the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade the building has been all cleared. Although that rotten, dirty gym sock smell may linger for a bit while longer.
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