Roger the ripped kangaroo passes away aged 12

The muscular marsupial who went viral when photos of his extremely buff physique were posted online has passed away at a kangaroo sanctuary in Australia.


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ALICE SPRINGS, AUSTRALIA — Roger the muscular kangaroo has passed away at the age of 12 at a kangaroo sanctuary in Australia.

Roger went viral on the internet in 2015 after pictures of his hulking physique were shared.

He apparently spent his days crushing metal buckets between his paws.

Chris Barnes, owner of the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, said the buff kangaroo was the "boss" of the sanctuary and was beloved by millions around the world.

Unfortunately Roger began to lose his eyesight and develop arthritis around 2016.

Roger was rescued at the age of 2 by Barnes and was buried at the same sanctuary where he had lived for the past 10 years.

Fans of Roger were quick to send their condolences via social media. They thanked the sanctuary for sharing the kangaroo with the world and wished him well.
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