Rodman in rehab: North Korean basketball too drunk and scary


NSFW    What the Foul?

Dennis Rodman loves attention almost as much as he loves booze and Kim Jong Un. Unfortunately, his ability to mix those three things without causing an international incident has been seriously called into question. After the dubious success of his trip to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters in February 2013, Rodman announced his plan to return to the Hermit Kingdom for the Dear Leader’s birthday.

The trip drew criticism from the start. Some people said that visiting with Kim Jong Un just legitimizes the brutal repression of the North Korean people. Rodman disagreed back then, and his sentiments are unclear now. Since his return he has admitted that the 2nd trip, which by all accounts was a fiasco, was badly marred by divisions in his team and more significantly, by Rodman’s own excessive drinking.

What’s more, word has it that Rodman wasn’t only indulging himself in a bit too much Korean fire water, but might have been tempting a case of Commie fire crotch as well. Rodman apparently enjoyed a heapin helpin of underfed North Korean prostitutes. If that’s true, it could account somewhat for Rodman’s reluctance to backtrack and denounce his “best friend” Kim Jong Un. If you think it looks bad hugging and shaking hands with a dictator, imagine how bad it looks when you’re naked!
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