Robots will soon be able to have your babies

Feel like having a baby with your sex doll? You may soon be in luck.


NSFW    MELILLA, SPAIN — Want to be a father with none of the real responsibility? Maybe a Samantha bot is what you need.

Catalan engineer Sergi Santos really likes robots. We mean REALLY likes, which is probably why he created Samantha.

Santos says his robot will soon be able to have a conversation with him and judge his character, unfortunately, saying "no" still won't work for her — so, kind of like Hollywood.

The creepy creator says you can even make a child with your Samantha bot. Santos says all it takes is an algorithm, a 3D printer and voila!!

A bot for sexy-times that you can create a fake child with? What more could you ask for? A lot actually.

Maybe Santos is on to something? Besides his robot that is.
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