Robots are stealing all the good jobs

Robots are stealing jobs from workers around the world.


NSFW    'MURICA — Looks like 400 to 800 million people worldwide could be out of a job by 2030 thanks to good old automation.

McKinsey Global Institute looked at 800 different jobs across 46 countries and found up to 20 percent of the global workforce could get kicked to the curb.

Wealthy countries like the US and Germany will have to retrain about one-third of their workforces.
Factory workers and fast food workers are in the most danger.

Poorer countries won't have to worry as much about the rise of the robots — for now.

Other jobs in jeopardy from automation are mortgage brokers, paralegals, accountants and office administrative workers.

Jobs that require more of a human touch like doctors, teachers, bartenders and lawyers should be okay. Wait a second — the world could always use FEWER lawyers.
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