Robber returns cash, says it's not enough for daughter's kidney transplant

A man robbed a store in Philly but changed his mind mid-theft, claiming the cash wasn't enough to pay for his kid's transplant.


NSFW    PHILADELPHIA — Cops in Philly are on the lookout for a would-be armed robber, who gave back the cash he stole because it wasn't enough.

According to CBS3, the masked man walked into a smoke shop Monday morning and threatened to shoot the sales clerk if she didn't open the cash register.

Once the register was opened, the perp grabbed the money inside — but then did a complete 180.

He abruptly gave back the 100 bucks or so he'd gotten his hands on, saying it wouldn't be enough to pay for his daughter's transplant.

The suspect may have left without taking anything, but police say he could still face a charge for the attempted holdup.

Good news is, the cops are also interested in knowing more about the daughter's situation, and may be able to offer the family some assistance.

Police say they might have an idea about who the dude is, but are still trying to track him down.
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