Road rage video shows Lyft driver throw man's dog out of car

After being manhandled by the other driver, the Lyft driver reached into his opponent’s car and tossed the man’s small dog to the curb.


NSFW    MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY — Video showing a Lyft driver throw a man’s dog out of the car during a heated road rage incident has led to animal cruelty charges.

The New Jersey SPCA Humane Police has filed criminal and civil animal cruelty charges against Lyft driver Marc Dione, 22, of Montclair. Dione was caught on video over the weekend throwing a dog onto the sidewalk.

Over the weekend, Dione reportedly found himself in an argument with another driver on the road. Their war of words led them to get out of their cars and take their testosterone to the middle of the street. When a fight broke out, the clearly outmatched Marc Dione seemed to be trying to avoid the hot-headed middle-aged man.

After a few seconds, the man pushed Dione and returned to his vehicle. Rather than walk away, Dione reached into the man’s car, and tossed his dog to the curb.

The 12-year-old miniature pinscher, Daphne, ran into oncoming traffic, obviously panicked and disoriented. Fortunately, she was retrieved with only a few bruises, and is expected to recover. Marc Dione is now facing civil and criminal animal cruelty charges, and has been banned from using Lyft ever again.
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