Rihanna posts selfie with cute slow loris in Thailand, two arrested


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Rihanna, the 25-year-old Barbadian pop star, posted a selfie with a cute slow loris, a protected animal, while in Phuket, Thailand on September 21, prompting police to arrest two men.

Rihanna was taking a break from her Diamonds world tour in the popular tourist destination when she came across the slow loris whose handlers were charging people money to take photos it. We don’t know if the songstress paid for her snap with the wide-eyed creature, but she took one, then posted it online to her more than 9 million Instagram followers (who hearted the image more than 230,000 times) and 31 million Twitter fans.

News of the photo-op got back to local police who found the two men and arrested them, confiscating two slow lorises. The men, 16 and 20, face up to four years in a Thai prison, as well as a fine of 40,000 baht ($1,300), for pimping the protected primate.

All species of the slow loris, which is native to southeast Asia, are considered either “vulnerable” or “endangered”. (There are at least 8 species of the animal.)

Rihanna also posted photos of her time in the Thai beach town, showing her feeding elephants and posing on a boat in a black bikini, with islands and the blue-green sea in the background. She also sent tweets from an adult show, noting that she saw a woman pull a live bird and two turtles out of her hoo ha, which left the birds’ feathers damp.

The performer also used her bits to shoot razors, darts and a ping pong ball across the stage, much to the singer’s astonishment. Not only that, the “dancer” swallowed water through her lady lips, only to only to “spit” out the same amount in soda. This last part traumatized Rihanna, so she wrote.
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