Rich brat buys Bugatti with dad's money, complains about taxes

After the spoiled brat complained over IG, his account was suddenly deleted.


NSFW    VANCOUVER — A Chinese tycoon's son thought it would be a good idea to complain about having to pay Canadian taxes after charging a Bugatti Chiron with daddy's credit card.
According to the SCMP, to show the world just how much of a self-made man he is, Ding Chen posted a copy of his father Chen Mailin's credit card bill on his Instagram stories with a Chinese message, "These heart's tired."
Imagine how his heart would have felt if it had actually been his money.
Chen apparently charged the $3.8 million custom Bugatti supercar on daddy's Union Pay credit card, incurring about $680,000 in taxes.
Unfortunately, Ding Dong's Instagram account was deleted soon after news broke.
And It's a shame too, because Ding's IG was filled with super douchey pictures of him flaunting daddy's wealth like a true baller.

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