Residents of Paris street want gates to keep Instagrammers out

The invasion of insta-tourists is making life hell for residents of a photogenic Parisian street.


NSFW    PARIS — Life on a photogenic Parisian street has turned nightmarish for its residents, who now have to deal with all the crazy things people do "for the 'gram."

According to radio station France Info, Rue Cremieux in Paris' 12th arrondissement is a small cobblestone street lined with pastel-colored houses that's become a huge hit on Instagram.

So while there are no cars on the picturesque street, there are hordes of tourists who come day in and day out, all to strike a pose...or fifty.

Over 30,000 photos on Instagram are hashtagged Rue Cremieux, making it one of the most popular photo spots in Europe.

For people who actually live there though, it sucks. Residents told the radio station that while weekdays are relatively quiet, weekends bring rappers, screaming bachelorette parties, and other rowdy visitors.

One local documented the shenanigans on the Instagram account Club Cremieux, which shows flash mobs, photo shoots, and random yoga poses on people's doorways.

Fed up residents are now demanding that the city install gates at each end of the street to keep out annoying 'grammers at night and on weekends.

The city of Paris has until the end of summer to figure out a working solution. Otherwise, everyone might just take to the streets.
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