Researchers find sharks meeting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Scientists discover abundant marine life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, leading the sharks to gather in the region during winter and spring.


NSFW    UNDER THE SEA — Scientists have conducted research as to why the great white sharks gather in the Pacific Ocean during winter and spring.

According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, researchers added tags to 20 sharks to track their movement in the ocean.

The sharks were found leaving California waters in December to head for the middle of the ocean between Hawaii and California, an area the scientists considered to be an "oceanic desert."

Scientists then used a research vessel called Falkor to explore the area, and found the "oceanic desert" was actually an oasis, as there was an abundance of jellyfish, phytoplankton, squid and fish, leading the researchers to refer to the area as the "White Shark Cafe."

Marine life in the region were found swimming up and down the water column, in what is known as the midwater range.

The scientists believe the sharks were feasting on the tiny marine life in the area, however they aren't completely sure as there is a possibility the sharks were also mating in the region.
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