Rescued migrants hijack merchant ship near Libya

The migrants have ordered the ship to sail toward Malta.


NSFW    LIBYA — Migrants have hijacked a merchant ship which rescued them off the coast of Libya and it is now heading toward Malta, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Maltese authorities said on Wednesday.
According the FleetMon, the Palau-flagged tanker Elhiblu 1 was traveling from Turkey to Tripoli on Tuesday when it was diverted to a distressed migrant boat off the Libyan coast.
According to DW News, the tanker rescued the migrants and resumed sailing toward Tripoli.
According to Salvini, when the ship was six nautical miles from port, it changed course toward Malta.
According to Maltese authorities, the vessel is believed to be carrying 108 migrants made up of 77 men and 31 women.
Maltese authorities confirmed the ship had been hijacked and said Maltese authorities were monitoring its progress and would not allow the vessel to dock in Malta.
Malta Today reports that a spokesperson for the Maltese armed forces said attempts to contact the ship's captain had been unsuccessful.
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