Rescue mission for Spanish toddler stuck in a well continues

The rescue mission to save a Spanish toddler stuck in a well faces a setback.


NSFW    MALAGA,SPAIN — The rescue mission to save a two-year-old boy from a well in Spain has encountered some unexpected problems.

Julen Rosello, a two-year-old boy, was with his family when he walked away and unexpectedly fell down a narrow well on January 13, The Guardian reports.

The well is around 25 centimeters wide and is believed to be 100 meters deep. Rescuers found the boy's bag of sweets and a cup when they lowered a camera down around 75 meters into the well.

The Spanish Civil Guard stated that rescuers did attempt to widen the hole, reported NBC, citing TVE.

They reportedly attempted this while also trying to dig an alternate shaft in order to connect the two tunnels and rescue the baby. The rescuers have now finished digging a second vertical shaft in an effort to reach the boy, El Pais reports. They were originally planning to go down using a cage to dig a horizontal tunnel into the first shaft.

However, the cage got stuck 40 meters down the shaft. They were aiming to reach 60 meters depth. A rescue team are now planning to dig 4 meters to connect with the first shaft. Each of them will work in 40 to 60 minute shifts. It will take around 24 hours for them to connect to the first borehole, according to El Pais.

Rescuers have yet to locate the boy. They have only managed to find strands of hair with DNA that matches his.
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